Hopstreet Gallery


Dominique De Beir – En Creux

Hopstreet Gallery Sint-Jorisstraat 109, Brussels, Elsene

Dominique de Beir (°1964 F) perforates paper, cardboard and also polystyrene. Jostling aside the vocabulary of painting (material, medium and colour) in favour of the uncertainty of gestures and the scars they leave, Dominique De Beir strives to concentrate on the ideas of scratching and scarring, between surface and depth, exploring the physical impact and rhythm. […]

Jonathan Callan – Strange Relations

Hopstreet Gallery Sint-Jorisstraat 109, Brussels, Elsene

Jonathan Callan – Strange Relations – 06.11 – 23.12.2022 Whilst making the work for this show I was thinking about familial relationships and those occasions, usually celebrated whilst gathering around a meal, where we are briefly thrown together as siblings and offspring, aunts, uncles, grandparents and cousins and how we might find commonality, but also, huge […]