Spark is an educational program developed by Brussels Art Days, aimed at helping young artists find their way in the art world.

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What is Spark ?

Brussels Art Day’s educational program


Spark was born out of the realization that art students often come out of school without the practical tools they need to effectively integrate into the professional world. Based on our experience as a major Brussels art association, we have developed a program to help young people find their way in the art world. This program consists of workshops and conferences providing practical advice on concrete aspects of professionalization for young artists and art students.

Talks and workshop

We go to art schools and universities to organize talks or conferences on specific themes, giving keys to young artists. How to approach a gallery as a young artist? How to start a contemporary art collection? Here are a few examples of topics addressed by our expert speakers.

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Would you like us to come to your school/university to organize a talk or workshop as part of the Spark program?

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