Spark is an educational program developed by Brussels Art Days, aimed at helping the youth to find their way in the art world.

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What is Spark ?

The Spark program aims to support young artistic creation by providing emerging artists with the visibility and tools necessary to navigate effectively in the professional art world.

Spark materializes through two distinct projects: Generation Brussels and Forum.


Forum addresses the reality that art students often graduate without the practical tools needed to integrate effectively into the professional world.

Through roundtable discussions and conferences led by personalities from the contemporary art world, Forum provides art students and young artists with concrete advice on various aspects of professionalization.

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These moments of exchange, bringing together artists, curators, gallery owners, and collectors serve as a knowledge source on crucial topics such as approaching galleries, self-promotion, and career management.

This project also offers networking opportunities, allowing students to establish lasting connections within the Brussels art community.

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Generation Brussels is an annual event that takes place during the Brussels Gallery Weekend. This exhibition highlights young artists not yet represented by a gallery.

Over four days, the exhibition brings together a variety of artists based in Brussels. The diversity of the presented artists allows the public to discover a variety of styles and mediums.

Generation Brussels goes beyond a simple exhibition.

It creates a dynamic network, fosters collaborations, and encourages artistic dialogue. Participating artists benefit from increased visibility, opportunities to meet journalists, collectors, gallery owners, and curators, serving as a stepping stone for their careers.

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