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Thomas Renwart
Thomas Renwart (*1995) is a Belgian textile artist. He visualises human experiences, emotions and stages of life through the metaphor of a horticultural visual identity.
‘The Audacity of Spring’ - 2022
At his studio in Ghent, Thomas Renwart carefully cultivates dozens of varieties of daffodils that are at the base of his practise: the daffodil has a two-folded connotation: one as the queen of spring, the generosity of surviving another winter, a beacon of hope. And one as a negative connotation - both Narcissus in its rudimentary aspect and daffodils as a cussing word towards queer people. The duality and history of words and images are often put in juxtaposition within his tapestries, embroidery and quilts. Renwart researches the technical aspects of his crafts, by studying weaving and embroidery techniques in order to translate the intentions through the best possible corresponding carrier. Believing in the knowledge and understanding of craftship and digital resources, he builds up this poetic universe step by step.
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