Nosbaum Reding _ Christoph Meier
Christoph Meier
Christoph Meier (*1980) lives and works in Vienna (Austria). In addition to studying architecture at the Technical University of Vienna, he studied sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna with Heimo Zobernig and at the Glasgow School of Art.
Imitation, mutation, recognition are all questions that the artist Christoph Meier explores through his work. For Meier, as for John Dewey or Richard Rorty (thinker of Pragmatism), it is impossible to reach the perfect imitation, because reality, the truth, exists only in the eye of the beholder and changes according to his practical perspectives. The reality is not unique, but multiple. Consequently, an object is never an inert element for Meyer, it is an element of its palette which contains in its germ a whole narrative complexity. The artist proposes to us to discover its various different facets. His composite sculptures appear to us as one of the possibilities, one of the many transformations of the materiality. It seems easy to get lost in Christoph Meier's microcosm, but his world is familiar to us. We recognize the mediums, the forms, the motifs; we could almost find a use for them. However, once assembled, they escape us. Amputated, added together, Meier's works evolve and suggest a flickering reality. Translated with (free version)
Nosbaum Reding