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KRJST studio
KRJST studio is a duo of Belgian artists composed by Erika Schillebeeckx and Justine de Moriamé who met at ENSAV La Cambre, founded in 2015. The duo creates sumptuous and monumental hand-embroided tapestries. Each tapestry is the result of a long process of graphic research, of reflection on the materials, the relief, the texture, the transcription into woven form of a work which is previously worked in 3D with pastel, aerosol, glue...
Cosmogony is an etiological account intended to explain the origins of the world as well as its principles of formation, organization and its own ordering. The presence of a primordial or original Chaos is a constant in the different creation stories of the world. This work is a celebration of the passage from chaos to order, a celebration of the memory of the world.
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