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Who we are?

Gateway to the metaverse


We are PINSL, an arttech start-up making it our mission to build a gateway for Fine Art to break into the digital space. NFTs are rapidly changing the art world and we want galleries, artists, collectors, estates and institutions to get the chance to take part in this new and exciting era. To make this happen, we provide secure, reliable, and uncomplicated, user-friendly access to these new art spaces of the metaverse.
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What we do?

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Tradition meets tech


PINSL is the NFT platform bringing together the traditional art world and the metaverse. The digital sphere has brought about limitless new opportunities which we make accessible to artists, galleries and collectors. It is our goal to bridge the gap between the physical and the digital art world and to offer reputable and reliable access to this new art space to everyone.

How we do it: Bridging the gap


By creating a regulatory compliant NFT platform for Fine Art and providing user-friendly access to the new world of NFTs, PINSL encourages and empowers artists and galleries to enter the crypto space. To achieve this, we are building a new platform in the web3 ecosystem, which allows all players in the art world to easily create, manage and sell NFTs.

Why we do it: Unlocking Tomorrow


We believe that art should be easily accessible to everyone. Creativity brings us together and allows us to see a brighter future. PINSL wants to play a key role in building this future. Therefore, we want to unlock the world of NFTs and their immense potential to traditional artists and galleries in order to propel Fine Art into the digital sphere.