Xavier Hufkens | St-Georges Rue St-Georges 6, Brussels, Belgium

DROWSE MURMURS is Sterling Ruby’s most comprehensive exhibition with the gallery to date. Featuring four distinct bodies of new work—drawings, sculptures, paintings and ceramics—it provides a broad overview of the latest developments in his oeuvre. The presentation not only highlights the sweeping nature of his practice but also its material and thematic complexity. The contrasts […]

Lesley Vance, Ken Price – Fired and painted

Xavier Hufkens | Van Eyck 44 rue Van Eyck, Brussels, Belgium

Fired and painted brings together a recent series of paintings by Lesley Vance (b. 1977) and a group of ceramic sculptures by Ken Price (1935-2012). Two American artists of different generations and disciplines but whose abstract works share a number of affinities. Taking scale as a departure point, Vance has pushed her practice in new […]