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The Merode

TheMerode is a human-centered, collaborative project. We bring together the open-minded and curious to ignite change and build a better future.
We believe happiness and impactful ideas are what drive society forward, and we create the playground for both. Eat, work, learn and socialise with us.


The Merode is presenting an exhibition in collaboration with its members. The notion of happiness is questioned and the members have been invited to give their own definition. The works are selected according to these. Shōkakkō 小確幸 is a Japanese word coined by the author Haruki Murakami in 1986. It refers to life's little pleasures, the infra-pleasures of everyday life, those that are barely noticed but which, through their accumulation, lead to happiness. "Let's consider this art: retaining the epiphanies that amplify our sensitivity to the mere fact of being alive." Patrick Chamoiseau

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