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Royal Museums of Art and History

Located at Parc du Cinquantenaire, The Art & History Museum boasts archaeological collections ranging from Egyptian, Greek, and Roman antiquities to objects from the Americas, Asia, and Oceania. Next to holding prehistoric, medieval, and renaissance art from our region, it regularly hosts temporary exhibitions.
Opening hours during Brussels Gallery Weekend: Thursday-Friday 9h30-17h, Saturday-Sunday 10h-17h.
Please note that admission prices for the Museum and temporary exhibitions are applicable.

Expedition Egypt

The Egyptian artist Sara Sallam (°1991, living and working in the Netherlands) exhibits eight works within the current exhibition Expedition Egypt. Curated by Luc Delvaux and Elisabeth Van Caelenberge, the exhibition tells the intricate story of 200 years of Belgian interest in Ancient Egypt through the artefacts of the museum’s collection. Interwoven with its historical discourse, Sallam’s artistic interventions challenge traditional archaeological standpoints by proposing an alternative poetic approach to the ancient Egyptian heritage. Her idiosyncratic and critical installations are nurtured with her childhood memories and family archives, inviting us to question the archaeological and museological representations of her ancestors.

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