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Globe Aroma

Globe Aroma is an artistic work and meeting space that provides space, time and a network for artists, co-creators and art lovers with a background as newcomers. Globe Aroma supports people who, due to their precarious citizenship status, often experience specific challenges in accessing the arts sector and developing artistic practices.
Globe Aroma therefore builds, in alliance with the Flemish, Brussels and international cultural, educational and migration sectors, a mental and infrastructural interspace in which a community can create, discover and share art with a wide audience.

On Proximity

Egoo Dallas, TAMILA, Erik Gonzales, WE_218_ƎW, Mirra Markhaeva, Youssef Moukil, Fareed Aziz and Maria Muehombo
curated by Fareed Aziz and Maria Muehombo
video work by Deborah Ephrem


Rue de la Braie 26 Moutstraat, 1000 Brussels