Fondation CAB
Fondation Cab

The CAB Foundation reflects Hubert Bonnet's collection and his passion for minimal art, the CAB Foundation Brussels and St. Paul de Vence is inspired by the constructivist period up to the present day to present the work of artists with a singular aesthetic and artistic practice. In Brussels, the programme consists of two main exhibitions per year: a major exhibition of minimal art curated by internationally renowned artists and an exhibition of works by artists who have a unique aesthetic and artistic practice. and an exhibition of Minimalist-inspired works by young contemporary artists, including new young contemporary artists, including new in - site productions. In addition the CAB Foundation is hosting a series of Foundation hosts a series of special projects, inviting targeted initiatives from galleries, museums curators and artists from around the world, designed in accordance with its mission.

On the Lookout

ON THE LOOKOUT explores how variations of colour can stimulate human behaviour. This exhibition highlights the immersive and immaterial qualities of each artwork : while we investigate the space, we deepen our relationship with each of them. The dialogues and tensions created between the colourful installations and the architecture intensify our attention. With each moment being favorable to observe fleeting occurrences, an expanded time devoted to these encounters enhances our experiences. Thus, by discerning several states of the same work, we also sharpen our perceptive adjustments.

The exhibition unfolds in different sequences. Along with its zones of experience, we discover the conceptual nuances between the artists.

Artists : Nadia Guerroui, Ann Veronica Janssens, Labau, Adrien Lucca, Dimitri Mallet, Luisa Mota, Morgane Tschiember, Pieter Vermeersch.

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