Facade Contretype Fontainas Copyright Kim Zwarts

Contretype is an art center dedicated to images and contemporary photography. Since its creation in 1978, it has promoted photography and its recognition as an art form. Today, it continues to support creative work in the field of photography by organizing temporary exhibitions, supporting a program of artistic residencies, managing its collection and publishing activities.


The exhibition Agrégat is an invitation to two photographers, Bastiaan Van Aarle and Michel Mazzoni, to engage in a dialogue between their works and in relation to the spaces of Contretype. The definition of the term "aggregate" - a heterogeneous assembly of elements that adhere firmly to one another - sets the tone for this exhibition, which was conceived as an unexpected yet aesthetically relevant encounter between two radically different photographic practices. Taking up the challenge, Bastiaan Van Aarle and Michel Mazzoni agreed to step out of their comfort zones, to push each other's photographic thinking to the point of conceiving the exhibition together as a unique space for visual wandering. The two artists' photographic proposals are mutually related, like false reflections, folds, unfoldings and foldings... Together, they bring out something of a strange beauty, like "the chance meeting on a dissection table of a sewing machine and an umbrella".
Olivier Grasser


Cité Fontainas 4A, 1060 Bruxelles