Contemporary Art Collection of the National Bank of Belgium

Image : View from the counter hall of the National Bank of Belgium, Photo copyright : Tim Van de Velde

1001 Plateaux: Sharing Collections, Sharing Connections

What is the impact and the role of art in corporations and on the daily lives of its personnel? The contemporary art collection of the NBB commissioned Françoise Schein to create a participative artwork in order to tackle this question. For ten months, she worked in close collaboration with 160 NBB-employees to realize the artwork 1001 Plateaux. This participative process is a personal reflection and interpretation of economists, jurists, or mathematicians of objects from the NBB-Museum and the NBB-art collection. We are proud to present the finished result in the exhibition “1001 Plateaux: Sharing Collections, Sharing Connections” curated by Carine Fol.


Boulevard de Berlaimont 3