Shen Ozdemir 1
Art et Marges museum

Located in the heart of Brussels, the Art et marges museum, museum of outsider art, questions art and its borders.
The museum’s collection was created in the mid-1980s by self-taught artists, artistic workshops for people with mental disabilities or in psychiatric settings. Nowadays it is composed of more than 4000 international artworks produced outside the frequented trails of art.
The temporary exhibitions, at the rate of three a year, mix artists on both sides of the margin, questioning the boundaries of art and its definition.


DON'T CALL IT ART BRUT is an evolving exhibition that gives pride of place to the ART ET MARGES MUSEUM collection, while reserving several spaces for new discoveries en cartes blanches. Shen ÖZDEMIR is one of these. The whole of her plastic work revolves around KARNAVALO, an imaginary carnival that does not belong to any territory and is composed of a multitude of troupes. Each troupe defines a family of merry faces that fuel the festivity and abundance of folklore. All these characters, by their size, shapes and colours, draw us into a generous, lively and expressive universe.

Rue Haute 314 – Hoogstraat 314 1000 Brussels