Generation Brussels


Generation Brussels is an exhibition that highlights young artists not yet represented by galleries.

About Generation Brussels

Since 2018, Brussels Gallery Weekend and its galleries support the young Brussels artists by hosting the show “Generation Brussels”.

Organized by a different curator each year, the exhibition aims at highlighting young Brussels artists who have not yet been called by galleries.

Generation Brussels brings together a range of artists living and working in Brussels, whether they are art school students, recent graduates, aspiring artists or those with a little more experience.


For this year 2019, we have chosen to collaborate with the Swiss curator Tenzing Barshee on an exhibition entitled Fried Patterns

Curator – 2019

Tenzing Barshee

Tenzing Barshee


Fried Patterns is an exhibition showcasing Brussels’ based artists, not yet represented by galleries. This leads to experiencing the emerging side of Belgium’s contemporary art scene, through art school students, young artists recently released from studies, and more experienced ones. Young international curator, Tenzing Barshee, highlights this growing art scene while allowing the public to discover a diversity of artists and practices. They invite us to reflect on how our daily experiences confront us to a multitude of images and occurrences, triggering our affects. Wander around the perspectives of the space and let yourself be guided by the patterns that arise.

Generation Brussels

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Generation Brussels 2023

Curated by Sam Steverlynck


Generation Brussels 2022

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Generation Brussels 2021

Dagmar Dirkx & Zeynep Kubat


Generation Brussels 2020

Curated by Evelyn Simons


Generation Brussels 2018

Curated by Louis-Philippe Van Eeckhoutte