Generation Brussels


Generation Brussels is an exhibition that highlights young artists not yet represented by galleries.

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About Generation Brussels

Since 2018, Brussels Gallery Weekend and its galleries support the young Brussels artists by hosting the show “Generation Brussels”.

Organized by a different curator each year, the exhibition aims at highlighting young Brussels artists who have not yet been called by galleries.

Generation Brussels brings together a range of artists living and working in Brussels, whether they are art school students, recent graduates, aspiring artists or those with a little more experience.

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Generation Brussels

For this year 2019, we have chosen to collaborate with Belgian Curator Maud Salembier. She collaborated with the artists on a transdisciplinary exhibition, revolved this year around the notion of « Care ».

Generation Brussels Artists – 2019

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Curator – 2019

Tenzing Barshee

Tenzing Barshee


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Generation Brussels

in Previous Years

Karolien Chromiak, Tour à Plomb, ©andreaadriani


Curated by Dagmar Dirkx & Zeynep Kubat

Bgw2020 P1024704 (small) Credit (@stokkstudio)


Curated by Evelyn Simons

Anastasia Bay


Curated by Tenzing Barshee

Elina Salminen


Curated by Louis-Philippe Van Eeckhoutte