Fabien Adèle – Corridors

Almine Rech Abdijstraat 20 rue de l’Abbaye 1050 Bruxelles, Brussels

Almine Rech Brussels is pleased to present Corridors, Fabien Adèle's first solo exhibition with the gallery. In his East-Paris studio, Fabien Adèle chose to use a narrowed palette of colours for this new set of paintings. Their complementary shades of warm browns ranging from orange ochre to burnt sienna, along with lighter, more intense blues, underline the […]

Ted Pim – Full Moon

Almine Rech Abdijstraat 20 rue de l’Abbaye 1050 Bruxelles, Brussels

Almine Rech Brussels is pleased to present Full Moon, Ted Pim's first solo exhibition with the gallery. Ted Pim once watched a nature documentary where a tree fell in a forest. In the film, he saw the repercussions, how the fauna and flora on the forest floor struggled, climbing over each other in an attempt to […]

Charlie Bilingham – Habillé pour le week-end

Bernier/Eliades Gallery Rue du Châtelain 46, Kasteleinsstraat, 1050 Ixelles, Brussels

The Bernier/Eliades Gallery is pleased to present the latest solo exhibition of the British artist Charlie Billingham, opening on Thursday 19th of January. The exhibition will feature a series of oil paintings and a printed wall. Charlie Billingham (b. 1984, London, United Kingdom) graduated from Fine Art and History of Art at The University of Edinburgh and […]

What goes up must come down

Michel Rein Avenue Van Volxem 316,, Brussels

What goes up must come down with : Sébastien Bonin, Stefan Nikolaev, Dan Perjovschi, Enrique Ramírez, Michael Riedel, Franck Scurti.

Isabel D – Turning Trauma into Beauty

Gallery NOSCO Rue Lebeau 43, Brussels

Isabelle. D’s work is a woven, crocheted, unravelled work. As is often the case with textile works, in it we feel the time in an ineluctably acute way. The time it took to produce each of these stitches. And as often with textile works, in it we can feel the body of the artist in […]

Fiona Rae

Galerie Nathalie Obadia Rue Charles Decoster 8Charles Decosterstraat, 1050 Ixelles, Brussels

Kelly Richardson and Nicholas Sassoon – Revenants

Waldburger Wouters Boulevard d'Anvers 49, 1000 Bruxelles, Brussels

Rectangle is pleased to present REVENANTS, a collaboration with Kelly Richardson, Nicolas Sassoon and Rick Silva. 'Scale is everything. What may look like a solid upon closer inspection turns out to be a void. Lights in the night sky that to us appear as stars may instead be expansive galactic clouds housing multiple galaxies. Charles […]

Bernard Villers – Tout est là

Irène Laub Gallery Rue Van Eyck 29,Van Eyckstraat, 1000 Bruxelles, Brussels

The title of Bernard Villers’ exhibition at Irène Laub gallery is hardly a joke. Through this “mishmash” display, as he himself describes it, the octogenarian artist seems to be making a mockery of the very idea of progress, as if the ingredients that make up his Work have been together from the start and were […]

Cinza das horas

Mendes Wood DM Rue des Sablons 13, Brussels, Brussels

Participating artists: Lucas Arruda, Eleonore Koch, Fabio Miguez & Paulo Pasta   Mendes Wood DM is proud to inaugurate Cinza das horas, a group exhibition organized by Lucas Arruda (b. 1983) that presents his work alongside paintings by fellow Brazilian artists Eleonore Koch (1926 - 2018), Fabio Miguez (b. 1962), and Paulo Pasta (b. 1959). […]

Gallery Walk – Downtown Galleries

The first Gallery Walk of the year is here! Start 2023 in an artistic way by discovering the downtown district's galleries and their amazing exhibitions. The walk will start at Waldburger Wouters and our guides will then make you discover the galleries Greta Meert, dépendance and Ballon Rouge. Finally, this gallery walk will end at […]



Galery Dys - pop up 16 Rue Watteeu, Brussels


Nicolas Party – Cascade

Xavier Hufkens | St-Georges Rue St-Georges 6, Brussels

For Cascade, Nicolas Party's third exhibition with the gallery, the artist presents a group of new works, including pastels, cabinets and oil-on-copper paintings. Large tripartite pastels and smaller cabinet paintings point to a new trajectory, both formal and technical, that has opened up in his practice. Mastering the all but forgotten art of painting on copper, […]

Ugo Rondinone

Gladstone Gallery Rue du Grand Cerf 12 Grotehertstraat, 1000 Bruxelles, Brussels

Mariana Bunimov – Paysages

Michel Rein Avenue Van Volxem 316,, Brussels

For her second solo exhibition at the Michel Rein gallery, Mariana Bunimov (Caracas, 1972) represents moments that draw on fantasy as much as on reality. There is a kind of theatricality in her paintings. The content of them – as well as the juxtapositions and encounters between them – create situations that offer us different ways […]

Touching from a Distance – Jonathan Rosić

Archiraar Gallery Rue de la Tulipe 31A/35A, Tulpstraat, 1050 Ixelles, Brussels

Jonathan Rosic's work reflects on our impermanence and our micro-disparitions. He lists, analyzes and amplifies the small cancellations of ourselves and tries to make perceptible the fading of time. His meticulous Indian ink drawings were inspired by film stills, personal or found photographs. These drawings focus on moments of voluntary or random concealment, on scenes […]

Philippe Van Snick

Galeria Jaqueline Martins Rue aux Laines 14, Wolstraat, 1000 Bruxelles, Brussels

Blerta Hashani

LA MAISON DE RENDEZ-VOUS Avenue Jef Lambeaux 23, Jef Lambeauxlaan, 1060 Saint-Gilles, Brussels

LA MAISON DE RENDEZ-VOUS is pleased to announce Blerta Hashani’s first solo-exhibition in Brussels. Blerta Hashani’s paintings are informed by classical landscape painting, but what they show are private views of the nature surrounding the artist’s home in the countryside of Kosovo. These small-scale works — paintings attached to jute — are experimental, minimalistic sketches […]

Group Show curated by Will

Stems Gallery 4 rue du Prince Albert,1050 Brussels, Brussels

STEMS gallery is pleased to present Sprout, a group exhibition of paintings by Yuan Fang, Yurie Hayashi, Baoying Huang, Ji Woo Kim, Ellie Kayu Ng, Michelle Nguyen, and Zhong Tianyue, organized by Will Leung. Sprout showcases the work of contemporary Asian women painters, who before now have never been exhibited in Europe. The exhibition journeys […]

Alain Vernis

Pierre Marie Giraud Rue De Praetere 7 De Praeterestraat, 1050 Ixelles, Brussels

Alvin Ong – Polyphony

rodolphe janssen | 35 Rue de Livourne 35, Brussels

Rhythm comes from the pairings of hard and soft, light and heavy, balance and imbalance, the punctuation and combination of different tones. – Haruki Murakami, Absolutely on Music rodolphe janssen is pleased to present Polyphony, an Alvin Ong solo exhibition curated by Kami Gahiga. The artist’s style combines multiple overlaid visual vocabularies which endow his […]

Kyle Staver

NINO MIER GALLERY | 41 Rue Ernest Allard 41, Brussels