Gopal Dagnogo – Life in Dark II

Claes Gallery Rue de l'Abbaye 14, 1050 Ixelles, Brussels, Belgium

Gopal Dagnogo's works are exhibited in major exhibitions, biennales, galleries and international art fairs. They are also included in prestigious collections. Gopal Dagnogo was born in 1973 in Abidjan, Ivory Coast.

Jos de Gruyter & Harald Tys – Macro

Gladstone Gallery Rue du Grand Cerf 12 Grotehertstraat, 1000 Bruxelles, Brussels, Belgium

At the end of the 1970s, we watched ‘Micro Macro’ on Belgian television every day. In this game show, a number of candidates were shown an extreme close-up of an object. While the image zoomed out very slowly, they had to guess which item it was. Whoever recognized it first won the corresponding object. Usually, it was a trivial thing like an ashtray, a padlock, a bucket or a mixer.

Milton Avery

Xavier Hufkens - Van Eyck 44 rue Van Eyck, Brussels, Belgium

American painter Milton Avery (1885-1965) is known for his evocative compositions of landscapes, domestic scenes and still lifes. Celebrated for his distillation of form and harmonious use of colour, Avery’s singular oeuvre straddles the major art movements of his age – American Impressionism, American Modernism and Abstract Expressionism – yet conforms to none.

Pierre et Gilles – The colors of time

TEMPLON Rue Veydt 13A, Veydstraat, 1060 Saint Gilles, Brussels, Belgium

Pierre was born in 1950 in La Roche-Sur-Yon, Gilles in Le Havre in 1953. They are internationally renowned artists who have been producing works together since 1976, creating a world […]

Guy de Malherbe, “Pierres d’attente”, Solo Show

Galerie La Forest Divonne Rue de l'Hôtel des Monnaies 66, Munthofstraat, 1060 Saint-Gilles, Brussels, Belgium

From 11 May to 24 June 2023 the Galerie La Forest Divonne presents the recent paintings of Guy de Malherbe in a solo exhibition entitled “Pierres d’attente”. Landscapes or still […]


Trevor Yeung – Silent Floaters

Jan Mot Petit Sablon 10, Kleine Zavel, 1000 Brussels, Brussels, Belgium

For Silent Floaters, Trevor Yeung considers indicators, elements that indirectly reveal the presence of other elements — like smoke manifests air currents, or the worm-like forms in the eye (‘floaters’) which […]

Kenan Hasimbegovic – Hasimoto Namahove

Frédérick Mouraux Gallery 690 Chaussée de Waterloo | Waterloosesteenweg Rivoli Building, ground floor #27 #28, Brussels, Belgium

Kenan Hasimbegovic studied Fine Arts in Bosnia at the Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo. He has been living in Antwerp for the past 10 years. He works and exhibits […]

Raphaële de Broissia – Wild Herbarium

Frédérick Mouraux Gallery 690 Chaussée de Waterloo | Waterloosesteenweg Rivoli Building, ground floor #27 #28, Brussels, Belgium

Born in 1985, Raphaële de Broissia studied textile design at the Françoise Conte School and Fine Arts at the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris, where she resided until […]

Studio LENCA – Cutting Through

EDJI Gallery Rue du Page, 15, Brussels, Belgium

EDJI GALLERY is proud to announce its first solo exhibition with artist STUDIO LENCA (José Campos), launching on May 16, 2023, in Brussels. Entitled "Cutting Through", this three-part exhibition will […]

Atelier Van Lieshout – Arena

Nosbaum Reding Gallery Rue de la Concorde 60, Brussels, Belgium

Atelier Van Lieshout is the studio founded by sculptor, painter and visionary Joep van Lieshout. After graduating at the Rotterdam Art Academy Van Lieshout quickly rose to fame with projects […]

15 Year Anniversary Brussels

Galerie Nathalie Obadia Rue Charles Decoster 8Charles Decosterstraat, 1050 Ixelles, Brussels, Belgium

Galerie Nathalie Obadia in Brussels is pleased to present an exhaustive overview of the artists it represents through an exceptional group exhibition. This is an important moment for the gallery […]


rodolphe janssen | 35 Rue de Livourne 35, Brussels, Belgium

ORDER & DISORDER (in collaboration with QG Gallery)

Falk Gernegroß

NINO MIER GALLERY | 41 Rue Ernest Allard 41, Brussels, Belgium

Ethan Cook

NINO MIER GALLERY | 25 Rue Ernest Allard 25, Brussels, Belgium

Paul McCarthy

Xavier Hufkens | St-Georges Rue St-Georges 6, Brussels, Belgium

American artist Paul McCarthy is known for his wide-ranging and often provocative and disturbing œuvre, which encompasses performance, photography, film, multimedia installations, sculpture, drawing and painting. Messy, antagonistic, sexually explicit […]

Lucile Bertrand et François Réau – Voyageurs Immobiles

Irène Laub Gallery Rue Van Eyck 29,Van Eyckstraat, 1000 Bruxelles, Brussels, Belgium

Irène Laub gallery is happy to present a dialogue between Lucile Bertrand and François Réau. The exhibition “Voyageurs Immobiles” unfolds as a meditative exploration of time and ever-changing landscapes. Through […]

Paul Mogensen – n+1

MARUANI MERCIER Avenue Louise 430, Belgium

Mogensen’s progressional arrangements of geometric forms manifest in endless permutations. In a work from 2022, squares of diminishing size, rendered in Cadmium white, push against the borders of the Cadmium […]

Dean Monogenis – Whatever Seems Solid

Baronian | Concorde Rue de la Concorde 33 Eendrachtstraat, Brussels, Belgium

Whatever seems solid, the title for my exhibition, refers to a quote by the late architecture critic, Vincent Scully. He wrote the phrase in relation to Frank Lloyd Wright’s famous […]