Alain Vernis

Pierre Marie Giraud Rue De Praetere 7 De Praeterestraat, 1050 Ixelles, Brussels, Belgium

10th Birthday Bash Drinks & Music

ESTHER VERHAEGHE — art concepts Avenue Guillaume Macau, 3, Brussels, Belgium

10th gallery anniversary of Esther Verhaeghe, with German artist Christine Reifenberger


C L E A R I N G Avenue Van Volxem 311, Van Volxemstraat, 1190 Forest, Brussels, Belgium

The Volxem neighbourhood in Forest is rich in places dedicated to contemporary art. On 27 May, three of these places - WIELS, gallery C L E A R I N G and Fondation A - invite you to a day of (re)discovery. A single ticket to all three places costs 5 euros (including a drink […]


Formes Libres NATURA Vernissage and Summer Pimm’s Party

ESTHER VERHAEGHE — art concepts Avenue Guillaume Macau, 3, Brussels, Belgium

Esther Verhaeghe - art concepts is pleased to present for the first time Formes Libres "NATURA" with her new poetic work of jewelry and ceramics  from 1.6.-26.6.2023 The main source of inspiration for the jewelry and ceramics of Formes Libres (Sophie Gohr's chosen artist name) is nature. As a curious gleaner, she constantly collects plants […]

1 Day Project – Cemile Sahin, Four Ballads For My Father

Cinéma Galeries Galerie de la Reine 26, Brussels, Belgium

The first 1 Day Projects organised by KIN will present Cemile Sahin's film Spring, the first of her multi-part project Four Ballads For My Father, at Cinema Galerie on Thursday 1st of June at 8pm as a free screening. It will be introduced by Nicolaus Schafhausen and followed by a talk with the artist. A major motif of Four Ballads for […]

Talk & Breakfast – Marie José Burki & Pauline Hatzigeorgiou

Baronian | Isidore Verheyden Rue Isidore Verheyden 2, Brussels, 1050, Belgium

Please join us on Saturday 17 June at 11 am for a talk between Marie José Burki and Pauline Hatzigeorgiou about Marie José Burki's current exhibition Among others, flowers, horses, shade and wind. There will also be a breakfast. Pauline Hatzigeorgiou studied art history and works as a curator, author, researcher and teacher in art […]

Andreas Johnen – artist-in-residence studio

Fondation CAB Rue Borrens 32, 1050 Ixelles, Brussels, Belgium

During the Brussels Gallery Weekend, Fondation CAB will open the doors to our artist-in-residence studio. The artist is Andreas Johnen (German, b.1974). In his practice Andreas uses different methods to saturate paper with colour. He simply applies the paint until the paper can hold no more. Making large, multi-part watercolors, Johnen tapes the paper horizontally to wooden […]

BGW | “Generation Brussels” Vernissage

Meeting Point Rue du Prévot 82 Provoostraat, Ixelles, Belgium

What is it? Since 2018, Brussels Gallery Weekend and its galleries support the young Brussels artists by hosting the show “Generation Brussels”. The exhibition aims at highlighting young Brussels artists who have not yet been called by galleries. Generation Brussels brings together a range of artists living and working in Brussels, whether they are art […]

Meet the artists!

MONTORO12 GALLERY Avenue Van Volxem 316, Brussels, Belgium

During the opening of the Brussels Gallery Weekend, enjoy the chance to meet the artists Kate Javens, Hartmut Kiewert, Maximilian Prüfer, Wade Schuman and Janice Wright Cheney. Thursday September 7, from 5pm to 9pm in Avenue Van Volxem 316, 1190 Brussels

BGW | Guided Tour “Saint Georges II”

Not sure where to start your BGW journey? - Experience our 2-hour guided tour through the galleries in the neighborhood Schaaerbeek - nicknamed "the city of donkeys"- delving into the vibrant tapestry of art wonders that defines the Brussels Gallery Weekend.    What will you do? - Immerse yourself in the rich narratives of seven […]

BGW | Ateliers INDIGO (Project Presentation)

Meeting Point Rue du Prévot 82 Provoostraat, Ixelles, Belgium

La Collective Indigo presents a significant selection of works that are representative of its members’ activities. Discover the artworks of 12 artists with disabilities, eachrevealing diverse practices and unique concerns: Saaber Bachir, Florian C.lis, Matilde Carli, Edouardo Della Faille, Alice Forsberg, Dahlia Hamdi, Patrick Minet, Sidoline Nlandu Wa Buke, Yann Piette, Pedro Ribeiro, Clara Vandebotermet, […]

Apero visit at Montoro 12 Gallery & CLEARING

Embark on a delightful journey through Montoro 12 Gallery & CLEARING while savoring a refreshing drink on Sunday, September 10th, at 16:00.   Here's what the program holds: Begin by immersing yourself in the captivating "Animal Power" exhibition, featuring an array of artists including Hanien Conradie (South Africa), Gustafsson & Haapoja (Finland, NYC), Kate Javens […]