Summer Group Show 2023

Summer Group Show 2023

Art Across Borders

2 July – 19 August 2023

Opening Sunday 2 July, 2 – 7 pm at the Frédérick Mouraux Gallery, Brussels, Belgium, in the presence of the artists.

This summer, a beautiful exhibition “Art Across Borders” at the Frédérick Mouraux Gallery

The success of a Group Show depends essentially on the hanging of diversified works which must cohabitate without harming each other. At the Frédérick Mouraux Gallery, one can appreciate the delicacy and sensitivity with which these connections are made.

Difficult when we see the great variety of supports (from plastic to canvas), techniques (photos, sculptures, collages…) dimensions, or the variety of messages from each artist; artists who can express themselves freely.

It is a real pleasure to linger and look at this gallery of talents: … artists coming from the four corners of the world whose works speak to our sensitivity, to our collective artistic unconscious, to our societal and planetary concerns.

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