Solo Show : Soul Memories – Fabian von Spreckelsen

Solo Show : Soul Memories – Fabian von Spreckelsen

Combining two organic materials, weathered iron and tanned leather, Fabian von Spreckelsen presents a collection of Leather Cabinets, each symbolising an important stage in his existence. The ritual lies in the simple gesture of lifting the leather to reveal the interior of the furniture-sculpture.

“In life, we reach different stages; periods punctuated by experiences and discoveries. The cabinets refer to the objects of this daily, emotional and spiritual experience. They are made to connect these personal stories: the significant books, the cocktail bar, the little secrets, the keys to independence, the comfort and reassurance of loved ones, the treasures and memories, the personal diary, etc.” These evolving, bespoke “personal cupboards” take the form of their object.

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Capture D’écran 2022 12 06 À 18.03.10

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