Sabine Tress’s exhibition promises to be as energetic as it is colourful. Jiggy stands for for “shaken” and slang for “nervous, active, excited, energetic”, but the title should above all be seen as an invitation to let your gaze wander, to let it run over the works. The works reflect the artist’s desire to express herself through matter and colour, with an overflowing richness of tone. Sabine Tress’s painting is non-figurative and gestural.

Well-known for her commitment to promoting women artists, with a particular interest in the dynamic, confident female painters – the ‘Malerinnen’ – of the contemporary German art scene, Esther Verhaeghe is renewing this invitation to the artist to share her love of painting with the Belgian public. A graduate of the Beaux-Arts in Paris, Sabine Tress studied with Vincent Bioulès, Jan Voss and Pierre Matthey. She lives and works in Cologne.

Sabine Tress’s paintings can be understood as constantly reforming spaces of possibility, in which another form of expression takes over, to a point where words are no longer enough to describe emotions or give space to emotionality as such. Large gestural forms in the shape of hearts or clouds, layers upon layers, arcs that trace their parallel paths through the various backgrounds and intermediaries; vibrant colours that clash explosively, connect with each other, recede in turmoil or overlap harmoniously; dense, luminous surfaces interacting with airy, free lines; white, transparent veils covering bright neon colours – the uncontrollable collides with controlled gestures. Traces and streaks of flowing paint, surfaces on which undissolved pigments accumulate, combine with curved, composed forms. Sabine Tress’s paintings involve a tension between the memory of what was felt during the creative process and the immediate feelings evoked when looking at them (Feelings can be everything and nothing, a flicker, a flow).

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