[Prim] Geometric Primitive

[Prim] Geometric Primitive

Gallery Nosco is pleased to announce the upcoming exhibition, “Geometric Primitive” [Prim], featuring the works of five distinguished Latin American artists. Scheduled to open January 11th 2024, this exhibition will showcase an array of unseen creations by Carlos Caballero (Cuba), Alberto Casari (Peru), Magdalena Fernandez (Venezuela), Jose Luis Martinat (Peru), and Paula Cortazar (Mexico).

The Geometric Abstraction art movement is a significant and influential genre that emerged in the early 20th century, characterized by the use of geometric shapes, lines, and forms to create non-representational artworks. Rejecting the representational nature of traditional art, artists embraced abstraction as a means to explore pure visual elements and convey emotions through simple form and color. The movement sought to distill reality to its fundamental essence, with artists often employing symmetry, precision, and mathematical principles to achieve visual harmony. Geometric Abstraction has left a lasting impact, inspiring artists to experiment with new visual languages and paving the way for future abstract movements.

Carlos Caballero, an artist from Cuba, employs Geometric Primitive to express the inherent connections between nature and geometry, intertwining the organic and the mathematical in his thought-provoking pieces.

Alberto Casari, hailing from Peru, presents a harmonious blend of colors and shapes, delving into the essence of perception and its relationship with geometric forms, drawing inspiration from textile and his native Peru.

Magdalena Fernandez, a well-acclaimed artist from Venezuela, skillfully explores the interplay of nature, light and movement, evoking a sense of fluidity and transformation within her abstract geometry works. Jose Luis Martinat, also from Peru, pushes the boundaries of the medium, incorporating technology and interactive elements into his artworks, creating politically engaged and immersive experiences for viewers.

Representing Mexico, young Paula Cortazar brings a distinct cultural perspective to the exhibition, weaving together traditional elements with geometric abstraction, showcasing the rich heritage of Latin America within the context of contemporary art and Nature.

“Geometric Primitive” [Prim] promises to be a visual feast, featuring an extensive collection of textiles, sculptures, and multimedia installations, paper works and video, with each artist presenting their unique interpretation of the theme.

[Prim] will take place at our Sablon space in Brussels, and will open to the public on 12th January 2024 and will run through 16th March 2024.

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Geometric Primitive

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