Luzia Simons – Récits en fleurs

Luzia Simons – Récits en fleurs

Luzia Simons – Récits en fleurs
NOV 18, 2022 – JAN 14, 2023

Luzia Simons, who was born in Quixada in the northern region of Brazil in 1953, attended La Sorbonne in Paris to study history before switching to the visual arts. She relocated to Germany in 1986. She currently resides and works in Berlin Luzia Simons’ photographs give the impression of being three-dimensional. Even when cut off at the edge of the frame, it appears as if the flowers would lie in display cases or float in a diffuse space without direction, without an above or below.

Luzia Simons stages her flowers in a unique combination of material precision, beauty and vanity. She deconstructs conventional representations of conventional representations of these motifs, such as floral ornamentation, patterns or decoration, elevating them to the status of art. The technique she uses to do this is equally exceptional. For her arrangements of tulips made in the for the Stockage series, she does not use a camera, but a special scanner that allows her to obtain an incomparable spatial depth. What makes her scanograms so special is the effect : instead of the classical vertical-horizontal division of a two-dimensional image, Luzia Simons’ works emphasize a tangible foreground that removes the viewer from a hazy dream without defined space-time. These works oscillate between an extreme proximity and an extreme distance, questioning the limits of our reality.

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