Lucile Bertrand et François Réau – Voyageurs Immobiles

Lucile Bertrand et François Réau – Voyageurs Immobiles

Irène Laub gallery is happy to present a dialogue between Lucile Bertrand and François Réau. The exhibition “Voyageurs Immobiles” unfolds as a meditative exploration of time and ever-changing landscapes. Through works on paper and installations, both artists offer their own perception, measure and understanding of the world that flows around them.

Lucile Bertrand was born in 1960 in France, she lives and works in Brussels (BE)
Between lightness and heaviness, between flight and fall, Lucile Bertrand poetically addresses the themes of displacement, absence and the fragility of life. Her visual metaphors often draw a nuanced landscape of human and political crises. Literature and philosophy inform her reflection and her practice, which takes many forms – works on paper, sculpture, video, or large-scale site-specific installations.
François Réau was born in 1978 in Niort (FR), he lives and works in Paris (FR)
Taking landscape and its processes of transformation as a source of reflection, François Réau’s work evokes the themes of temporality, ephemera and travel as symbols of an ongoing journey, or of all possible escapes. The poetic and singular attention he pays to the world is imbued with memories, reality, imagination and fiction, but also marked by mystery and spirituality.

OPENING in the presence of the artists on Thursday 25.05, 5pm – 9pm

image: Lucile Bertrand, I’m in transit, 2019, graphite pencil and printed paper on Canson paper 200g, 20 x 80 cm (detail)

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