Lionel Estève – Opening

Lionel Estève – Opening

Gallery Baronian is pleased to announce an exhibition with new works by Lionel Estève. In this exhibition, Estève will exhibit large clothes covering the walls of the gallery. Alongside these large cloths are three tables, a sort of eavesdropper cluttered with dead bottles. They are made of plaster and their labels are small drawings. Each one has its own individuality and seems to tell us its own story in its own way. They tell us about a person, a situation, a moment. For me, this is a surprising and roundabout way of showing drawings. These bottles all form together the sound of a jostle.

These two works have in common that they speak of crowds. I wanted to use the evocation of this crowd to draw a narrative from it, as an alibi to make each one a person in his own right. I would also like to inscribe these different works in the tradition of representations of scenes of parties, feasts, large meetings, a subject that has been used many times in the history of art. Here we are talking about vernissages. I think they are the ones that aroused my curiosity and led me to art when I was a teenager. That’s why I want to pay tribute to them. Some people would call paradise a place where wine is offered, where the company is pleasant, the discussions interesting and where sometimes the works are beautiful to look at. Others would call it a vernissage.

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