Lauren Seiden

Lauren Seiden

Gallery Nosco is delighted to announce the upcoming solo exhibition of renowned New York artist, Lauren Seiden.

With an impressive repertoire of works featured in renowned galleries and institutions, Lauren Seiden’s artistic prowess has earned her acclaim and recognition throughout.

Throughout her residency in Brussels, Lauren Seiden delved deep into the city’s artistic milieu, immersing herself in its vibrant cultural tapestry and drawing inspiration from its storied history. This transformative experience served as the bedrock for her upcoming exhibition, where she will unveil an installation that captures the essence of both New York’s dynamic energy and Brussels’ diverse allure. The exhibition will showcase a series of meticulously crafted artworks, where Seiden’s ingenious amalgamation of drawing, sculpting, and mixed-media techniques create a mesmerising fusion of visual storytelling. Visitors will be transported on a journey through her creative process, witnessing the harmonious interplay of line, form, and space that defines her distinctive drawing practice.

Gallery Nosco cordially invites the public to experience the transformative power of Lauren Seiden’s installation, immersing themselves in the vivid realm of her innovative drawing practice. The exhibition will run from 7th September to 28th October 2023 and will be coinciding with our participation to Brussels Gallery Weekend.

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Shield#6 Graphite Pencil On Paper 115x71x22cm©lauren Seiden Courtesy Of Gallerynosco2023 Copy

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