Kristin McKirdy

Kristin McKirdy

Pierre Marie Giraud is pleased to announce a new exhibition by Kristin McKirdy, starting from September 7 and coinciding with the annual Brussels Gallery Weekend event, running through September 30, 2023.

Kristin McKirdy, an American artist born in Canada who has chosen France as her home for both living and creating art, will be showcased. Her artistic journey has been shaped by her travels between France and the United States. After studying at Parsons School of Design in New York in the late 1970s, she pursued a master’s degree in art and archaeology from the Sorbonne in 1981. Her thesis at the Sorbonne explored the history of modern ceramics. Continuing her education, she later pursued studies at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) in the early 1990s. Her profound interest in archaeology has profoundly influenced her artistic practice, which she has seamlessly integrated with ceramics in a distinctive manner.
McKirdy’s creations reflect a deep historical heritage and evoke fundamental objects free from embellishment. The pure, circular, and tactile forms of her pieces entice touch and awaken the senses. Each artwork represents an encounter with the very essence of form, where narrative unfolds in an indescribable way. It’s this indescribable connection to the past that lends Kristin McKirdy’s work its captivating uniqueness.
The artist favors organic shapes, flowing lines, and modular designs, incorporating sharp angles as counterpoints to gently accentuate contrasts. Kristin McKirdy showcases her mastery and precision in applying glazes and textures.
For this September exhibition, Kristin McKirdy emphasizes meticulousness and simplicity in crafting her new ceramics, envisioned as families of objects. The generous forms that have brought her acclaim are accompanied by a demanding technical finesse. The precision and minimalism of the forms, enhanced by masterfully controlled textures and colors, take center stage. Renowned for her geometric volumes with sleek surfaces, Kristin McKirdy unveils matte and rugged exteriors that hide smooth, glossy, and vibrant interiors. She sculpts and engraves the surface as if it has weathered a challenging environment. Beside these intricate exteriors, the inner core emerges as even more delicate and precious.

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