Jean Girel

Jean Girel

Pierre Marie Giraud is pleased to announce a new exhibition by Jean Girel, starting on October 7th and running until November 10th, 2023.

Jean Girel, appointed as a Master of Arts in France, has captivated the contemporary ceramics world by introducing numerous innovations. Among his most notable discoveries are reactive glazes. Girel developed reactive glazes that, when subjected to temperature variations, create unique patterns and textures. This groundbreaking technique has revolutionized the art of ceramics, allowing artists to have greater control over the final outcomes of their creations. He ventured into the depths of the earth and onto active volcanoes around the world, driven by a desire to uncover the mysteries of molten matter. His boundless curiosity for ceramic material is reflected in his studio, which serves as a laboratory for experiments, various blends, and firing methods.

His works stand out due to the subtlety of the textures he creates. Girel is a master in the art of crafting surfaces that are both smooth and intricate, inviting viewers to visually explore his pieces from every angle.

Jean Girel prepares his own clay and grinds his own glazes. He also designs his own gas-fired kilns, allowing him to introduce steam during firing. Ultimately, he rigorously and curiously formulates his own mixtures, whether it’s for clay, glazes, or kilns. This is what forms the strong coherence of his work. Everything is interconnected. Everything is one.

For this October’s exhibition, the harmony of colors in his creations is remarkable. The glazes developed by Girel offer a rich and balanced color palette. He skillfully combines warm tones and cool shades to create harmonious compositions.

Join us at the gallery on Saturday, October 7, for the opening of Jean Girel’s exhibition from 5 to 8 PM in the presence of the artist.

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