Generation Brussels

Generation Brussels

Since 2018, Generation Brussels is an exhibition that highlights young Brussels artists not yet represented by galleries. This year, we are pleased to work with Belgian curator Maud Salembier.
12 artists will exhibit their artworks at L’Imprimerie, prestigious location of the former printing house of the National Bank of Belgium.
This 5th edition of Generation Brussels focuses on the notion of Care as developed by Joan Tronto, following Carol Gilligan, namely as “a generic activity that includes everything we do to maintain, perpetuate and repair our ‘world’ so that we can live in it as well as possible. This world includes our bodies, ourselves and our environment, all the elements that we seek to link into a complex network, in support of life.”
“Indeed, it appears that many emerging artists are developing practices that take into account the care of the other, interdependence, the link with the individual and/or his or her environment, but also the notion of vulnerability of the living and the material. In a world in the grip of visible and invisible flows – sometimes constraining, sometimes bringing happy coincidences – the hand that gives, heals or repairs, the word that soothes or the ear that listens, nature recomposed or mystified, as well as space as a receptacle for minute signs of mutation, give rise to surprising approaches, informed and subjective witnesses of the upheavals that our daily life is undergoing.”
Maud Salembier
🕐 Opening hours:
08/09 : 11am – 9pm
09 & 10/09 : 11am – 7pm
11/09 : 11am – 6pm


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Generation Brussels

September 10, 2022
11:00 - 19:00 Europe/Brussels
Bd de Berlaimont 56



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