Françoise CATALAA, “Actualités”

Françoise CATALAA, “Actualités”


7 September – 21 October 2023
Frédérick Mouraux Gallery, Brussels, Belgium Opening Sunday 3 September 2 – 7 PM

Frédérick Mouraux is pleased to present the works of the French artist Françoise Cataláa in her solo exhibition “Actualités” at his gallery Frédérick Mouraux Gallery in Brussels, Belgium.

Françoise Cataláa began studying fine arts in Bordeaux in 1971 at the age of 27 and learned metalworking early on. She graduated in 1975. Her teachers valued the monumental aspect of her work, they encouraged her to participate in architectural competitions. She won a competition organized by the cultural manager of Aquitaine, Gilberte Martin-Méry, who has followed her work since.

Françoise Cataláa found her idea-force during the first month at the Fine Arts School in 1971: since human beings march from birth to death, it is the form of the journey that best signifies the temporal quest for questioning. A sculpture is in seven elements, a journey in seven stages. Then series of numbers 1-2-3-4-5- 6-7 in 5300 ancient and contemporary languages to say “time”, dilated when it is lived with passion.

Eight interventions and urban projects, 17 realizations and monumental projects, numerous commissions for private individuals, and 4 films to develop her research on time through installations.

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