‘Fragments’ – Tinus Vermeersch

‘Fragments’ – Tinus Vermeersch

Tinus Vermeersch always express the same shapes in his work, but in a different guise. Over the years, he has created his own world with several archetypes that transform constantly. While the world that he depict seems to be unrelated to reality, he often finds that reality has had more impact on his work than he realised at the moment.

The process of creating a work is ritualistic for him.
This interest in disused drawing and painting techniques, and by extension in everything that is lost or in danger of disappearing, partly betrays his romantic attitude. It is also a certain criticism of the obviousness of things around us and the corresponding indifference with which they are treated.

Works by Tinus Vermeersch (b.1976 in Kortrijk, Belgium) can be found in private collections as well as in the Flemish Parlement in Brussels; the National Bank of Belgium; the Belfius Collection, Belgium; MU.zee, Ostend, Belgium; Broel Museum, Kortrijk, Belgium; the Province of West Flanders, Belgium; the City of Harelbeke, Belgium; MUba in Tourcoing, France and The Francks-Suss Collection, (England).

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Tv 14.23,pen And On Paper,14.5x21cm,frame 36.5x41.5cm

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