Formes Libres NATURA Vernissage and Summer Pimm’s Party

Formes Libres NATURA Vernissage and Summer Pimm’s Party

Esther Verhaeghe – art concepts is pleased to present for the first time Formes Libres “NATURA” with her new poetic work of jewelry and ceramics  from 1.6.-26.6.2023

The main source of inspiration for the jewelry and ceramics of Formes Libres (Sophie Gohr’s chosen artist name) is nature.

As a curious gleaner, she constantly collects plants and shells during her walks. For years, hundreds of specimens of a great diversity have been archived.  This research and collection are the source of her creation. They embody his anchorage in the elements, in particular the earth and water, which nourish her artistic activity.

From this paradigm, her imagination does not form images to represent the elements, it magnifies them. Guided by her quest for serenity and authenticity, she offers a body of work and objects of great formal purity, sometimes evoking silence or the subtle sound of the wind in the branches, sometimes the waves on the beach.

Both the jewellery and the ceramics of Formes Libres are condensed from nature and celebrate the beauty of our much-mistreated planet earth.

extracts of the press release by Carine Fol  (PHD in art history, curator and author)


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