Dentelles spectrales – Adrien Lucca

Dentelles spectrales – Adrien Lucca

Following his solo exhibition at BPS22, Adrien Lucca revisits his recent studies on light and the creation of patterns he calls “dentelles” (“laces”) for his fourth solo show at the LMNO Gallery.
Between drawing, painting, and a use of color reminiscent of stained-glass, a new series of works on paper provides a glimpse into the richness and consistency of shapes he’s previously explored in volume or in glass. Each work bears the title of a completed project or that of a place (Rome, Tournai…). It’s a work of memory, yet reimplemented within the constraints of paper, drawing, painting, and small format. The shapes arise at the intersection of mathematical research, color science, and references to medieval art. In particular, their luminosity, accentuated by the grey color of the paper, resonates with the visual appearance of stained-glass windows.

Nearby, and still on a grey background, a larger wall installation embodies the artist’s exploration, combining artificial light with in-situ painting and fitting into the new space of the LMNO Gallery. Its colors subtly change over time, fluctuating between emergence and disappearance.

Opening on Thursday, September 7th, from 6 PM to 9 PM.
Attention all Rue de la Concorde regulars: this time, Adrien’s exhibition can be seen at LMNO La Conciergerie, 17 Avenue Émile de Mot, 1000 Brussels. 





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