Dean Monogenis – Whatever Seems Solid

Dean Monogenis – Whatever Seems Solid

Whatever seems solid, the title for my exhibition, refers to a quote by the late architecture critic, Vincent Scully. He wrote the phrase in relation to Frank Lloyd Wright’s famous home “Fallingwater” and how it evoked “modern Man’s belief that he is no longer the center of the world and must hold onto whatever seems solid”.

The work in this exhibition began at the start of the pandemic with two paintings that I exhibited here at the gallery in 2020. The baleful feeling born of that time, mixed with the pandemic’s lockdowns and travel restrictions, redirected my focus to paint compositions that evoked more traditional landscapes. This allowed me to distill my imagery down to its basic elements of land, water, and architecture. It was my way of grasping onto something solid in uncertain times. Physically restricted to travel in person my desire was to create something like a set of fantasy post cards representing the places I traveled in my mind. The unifying element between all these locations became the stripe. A motif I have used in many variations and to symbolize many different things would this time consistently represent water.

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