BGW | Guided Tour “Saint Georges I”

BGW | Guided Tour “Saint Georges I”

Not sure where to start your BGW journey?
– Experience our 2-hour guided tour through the upscale neighborhood Ixelles famous for its Art Nouveau architecture gems, delving into the vibrant tapestry of art wonders that defines the Brussels Gallery Weekend. 
What will you do?
– Immerse yourself in the rich narratives of seven distinct galleries, each a microcosm of creativity, culture, and innovation. 
– Enjoy the Minimalist movement masterpieces by Carl Andre, Donald Judd, Richard Serra and others
– With an expert guide leading the way, unlock the stories behind these galleries and their pieces.
The tour is available in three languages: English, French and Dutch. Please choose your preferred language when buying the ticket.
Duration: 2 hours (14:00-16:00)
1. Irene Laub Gallery (meeting point)
2. Xavier Hufkens| Van Eyck 
3. Meessen De Clercq 
5. Claes Gallery
6. Almine Rech 
7. Xavier Hufkens | St-Georges

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