BGW | “Generation Brussels” (Curator’s Tour) 10.09

BGW | “Generation Brussels” (Curator’s Tour) 10.09

Explore the 2023 edition of Generation Brussels with the curator Sam Steverlynck!
The works on view at Generation Brussels do not specifically refer to the film’s theme let alone illustrate it. What the works of this upcoming generation of young Brussels-based artists share is the ambivalence of the film’s title. Their visual language might look attractive, the works at the same time have something dark and sometimes even threatening. 
Some of the video’s, sculptures and installations on view might come across as repulsive yet do exert a weird kind of attraction one can’t stop taking one’s eyes off. Even works that at first sight seem to be normal or familiar, have some hidden, ungraspable undercurrents. Hence, the exhibition invites the visitor on a at times surrealist journey between desire and repulsion, phantasms and impulses, the object and the abject (Kristeva), the familiar and the uncanny (Freud). 
Participating artists:
Chloé Arrouy
Aurélie Bayad
Maëlle Dufour
Mona Filleul
Bas van den Hout
Yvan Megal 
Lucian Moriyama 
Nina Robert 

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Gb Bas Van Den Hout 10 2019 Latex, Metal Photo © Silvia Cappellari

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