Apero Visit of Emmanuel Van der Auwera’s exhibition at Harlan Levey Project

Apero Visit of Emmanuel Van der Auwera’s exhibition at Harlan Levey Project

Join us for an enriching exploration of Emmanuel Van der Auwera’s artistic universe, accompanied by both the artist and the gallery owner, all while relishing a refreshing drink on Saturday, September 10th, at 16:00
Presenting his third solo exhibition with the gallery, Van der Auwera introduces a captivating VideoSculpture titled “Capital Riot,” along with his latest film “A Thousand Pictures of Nothing” and the intriguing cinema-in-negative sculpture “Archons,” which premiered during his solo exhibition at the House of Electronic Arts in Basel during Art Basel Week 2022. 
Continuing his vigilant scrutiny of the repercussions of emerging technologies, Van der Auwera delves into the intricate dance between the value of an image and the intricate emotions it encapsulates. Within this ever-evolving visual landscape, spectators are transformed into spectacles themselves, trading on the authenticity of their experiences and our profound fascination with emotions that both terrify and enrapture. Simultaneously, the exhibited works offer a glimpse into an event horizon, challenging the observer’s impact. Van der Auwera’s immersive process continues to rouse viewers from their passivity, underscoring the potential risks of further blurring the lines between reality and simulation. In addition to the exhibition, you’ll have the opportunity to explore Van der Auwera’s extended creative endeavors, with his studio (connected to the gallery), the gallery office, and Studio Khachatryan (located above the gallery space) all open for your exploration.
Practical information: Free admission, upon registration. 
Guided tour in English and French by the artist and the galerist. For other languages please contact us via info@brusselsgalleryweekend.com
Meeting Point: Harlan Levey Projects
Visit starts at 16:00 on Saturday 9th Spetember
Kids welcome
Drinks offered by Duvel

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