Agatha Wara ‘The Voyage of Puny Buny’

Agatha Wara ‘The Voyage of Puny Buny’

“I’m practicing my flows, writing bars, in the back of the night bus heading for a strategically positioned islet of our shared hopes and ambitions. Imagining a pin screen toy placed facedown on a nail mat draped over a cast of your face. Face mist…Miste ansikt… Lose face, gluze trace… The guest room slowly morphing into the master suite. The sheets are a whirlpool. The bed is a stage. Then the lights went out. Tomato tossing and turning, ketchup nightmares. Draped, drowning, swimming upstream, butterfly style. I was a runway sensation once. Praying for a natural disaster to break loose. Walking on tight ropes onto the World Stage. Golfing in Switzerland, I got so bored I captured a wild cat, built a corridor-shaped labyrinth out of baskets from the driving range and made the cat walk back and forth by psspsspsss-ing and petting it. A catwalk. She see-med to like it, purring and gently pinching my thumb between her fangs. No whistling behind the scenes, please! A heckler in despair makes his final, modest proposal, selling a stuffed mallard to a bank robber. While they were dancing, the price tag, still on his shirt, popped out from the neck line. At the end of the rainbow, there was nothing but closing credits: Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet. Scum only wants to hear about the dirt and I have the fastest clotting blood in the world.”

— Kristoffer Cezinando Karlsen

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