We provide tailor-made educational experiences, making contemporary art accessible, enjoyable, and enriching for all !

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What is our Education program ?

Our Education program is a dynamic initiative dedicated to raising awareness of contemporary art among diverse audiences. Deployed throughout the year and during the Brussels Gallery Weekend, the program is structured around three specific axes, each targeting distinct groups: children, art enthusiasts, and students in the art world.

For Children

Pedagogic file

Each year, an educational booklet is developed during the Brussels Gallery Weekend, featuring artistic anecdotes, reproductions of works from participating galleries, and educational mini-games—an innovative way to make contemporary art accessible to children.

Creative workshops

Workshops for children organized during the Brussels Gallery Weekend offer a playful approach for youngsters to discover contemporary art, enhancing their creativity and early appreciation of art. These workshops allow children to express their creativity while providing parents the opportunity to explore exhibitions in participating galleries.

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For Students

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Internships & job opportunities 


Each year, several students complete their internship with Brussels Art Days, gaining a first professional experience in the art field.

We support them to provide the necessary keys for their future professionalization.

At the end of their internship, we ensure they can use this experience to find employment in the Brussels art scene, and several of our former interns now work in participating galleries. 



Art history students are specially trained to conduct mediation during Gallery Walks. This experience offers them the opportunity to practice while expanding their network within the Brussels artistic community. Emphasizing direct interaction with the public, this initiative contributes to strengthening their mediation skills and preparing them for a professional career in the art field.

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For Art Lovers 

Gallery Walks 

These guided tours through galleries, organized regularly throughout the year and during the Brussels Gallery Weekend, allow participants to delve into the diverse neighborhoods of Brussels revealing the artistic richness characterizing the city. Guided by specially trained art history students, these tours ensure an informed and qualitative exploration of exhibitions.



We host lectures during the Brussels Gallery Weekend, where experts in contemporary art share insights on various topics. These talks aim to deepen understanding and apreciation, fostering intellectual exchange within our community of art enthusiasts.