Our Community program aims to promote contemporary art for all in Brussels.


Through active engagement with local associations, we seek to establish synergies among cultural, social, and educational stakeholders.


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What is our Community program ?

Community aspires to be a catalyst for change, connecting communities through art and inspiring new creative perspectives at the heart of Brussels.

By merging art with social initiatives, the project contributes to building a stronger and more inclusive social fabric, where culture becomes a means of exchange and mutual understanding.

Throughout the year, the Community program materializes through a series of activities organized in collaboration with local associations.

These activities, including creative workshops and visits to contemporary art galleries, private collections, institutions, and artists’ studios, provide members of partner associations with a complete immersion into the richness and diversity of the Brussels art scene.

They promote the development of new artistic perspectives and broaden the cultural horizons of a diverse audience.

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Art for Unity: Community Catalyst in Brussels

The Community project also seeks to enhance the visibility of local socio-artistic initiatives and the artists they support.

During the Brussels Gallery Weekend, a dedicated space within the Meeting Point is reserved for these organizations, providing them the opportunity to showcase their projects and exhibit the works of their artists.

This initiative strengthens their visibility within the artistic community, contributing to the creation of an inclusive platform that highlights the artistic diversity present in Brussels.

Our partners


Fostering diversity and opportunities for newcomers and residents through inclusive meeting spaces. 



Empowering socially vulnerable youth and communities through a network involving citizens and businesses.

Globe Aroma

 Empowering migrant artists through creative collaboration and workspace for a multidisciplinary expression.

Les Ateliers Safa

Empowering children and youth from immigrant or low-income families with extracurriculars, academic support, and parental assistance.


Investing in initiatives related to literacy and school support for individuals eager to learn French and acquire fundamental skills.

Ateliers Indigo

Empowering artists with disabilities, fostering creativity, and integrating them into the art world for a professional future.

Hosting partners

Art Brussels

One of the most renowned contemporary art fairs in Europe.


The only fair exclusively dedicated to contemporary collectible design.


A cultural complex and music venue. 


Contemporary art center in the heart of the European capital. 

 Cloud Seven

A coworking, exhibition and residential space.

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