Portrait Yvan Megal
Yvan Megal
Yvan Megal (°1987, Lesquin) is a French director and contemporary artist living in Brussels. He studied product design in Saint-Luc Tournai and graduated in 2009. He opened MEGALY, his design studio in 2011 for which he organized several exhibitions in ZSenne Art lab and during Design September. In 2017, he directed his first short movies Amnésie and La Poêle. His latest short movie Tchouri was featured in Chérie-Chéri festival in Paris and in Pink Screens festival in Brussels. Since 2016, he also directs music videos in collaboration with Belgian musician Strapontin and created an independent video game in 2020 for the track Nervous days. Since 2019, he's working on an independent documentary called Faghag, questioning heteronormativity, norms and identities. Yvan Megal’s recent works combine his designer's past with his cinematographic skills. Recurring themes in his work are the questioning of human relationship and dominant norms, family traumas and le non-dit (the unsaid). That is also the case with his short film La poêle encastrée (2019). In this video, one sees a group of people – probably a family – eating around a kitchen table. The scene and conversation seem to be all too normal. Unless one starts remarking after a while that the dialogue keeps on repeating itself - as in an endless loop.

Installation View

Gb Yvan Megal La Poêle Encastrée 2019 Video Sculpture Mixed Media Photo © Yvan Megal
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