Portrait Ugo Waotzi
Ugo Woatzi
Ugo Woatzi, born in 1991, is a photographer and visual artist based in Brussels. He holds a BA Sociology from Toulouse University & Galatasaray Universitesi Istanbul (2013), a MA Visual Art Photography from LUCA School of Arts, Brussels (2019) and he completed an Intermediate Course at Market Photo Workshop, Johannesburg in 2016. Ugo has been developing work under the mentorship of Through The Lens Collective since 2019. Ugo Woatzi’s photographs reference spaces both real and imagined, caught between worlds of freedom and restriction. He reveals and yet conceals, like a chameleon hiding, blending and adapting – as a means of survival and preservation. Ugo invites us to consider and celebrate a range of masculinities, performative bodies, psyches, and experiences; exploring the idea of ‘visibility’ as one fraught with both fear and excitement. His concealment of faces and identities evoke the sense of fear, censorship and stifling experienced by queer communities across the globe.

Installation View

Ugo Woatzi
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