Portrait by Mélanie Musisi
Thiaba Diop Egutchi
Born in 1997, Thiaba Diop Egutchi considers her practice as influenced by the delicate relationship between her diverse ethnic origin and her direct environment, both social and physical. It is fueled by questions around issues of (multi)cultural identities, by the power balance between race and environment, by language and exchange, as well as the process from personal to public through memory and self-narration. She invests spaces with sound and objects, fragments of her story, her memories, her fantasies, in a world where she is never really at home. From the colors of Tokyo traffic lights to those of her lovers’ eyes in Brussels, through details, anecdotes, and by staging her own intimacy, she aims to tell a story that is larger than her. One that questions the idea of identity against environment.

Installation View

Thiabia Diop Egutchi
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