Portrait Nina Robert
Nina Robert
Nina Robert (°1996, Waremme) graduated at La Cambre in 2022 where her immersive installation Hit Me won the Prix des Amis de la Cambre (department Gravure). For this installation, bathing in an uncanny green light, she presented a series of industrial tarpaulins on hooks, evoking hanging corpses in a slaughterhouse. Next to these, there were pictures she took of friends in postindustrial wastelands and derelict buildings. Evoking a climate of first-hand experienced violence, she addresses different forms of aggression and trauma in an obsessive and cathartic way. The work she presents has a similar green light and is a memorial for a lost relationship that was clouded by addiction and violence. A cross-shaped neon light spells out sentences, revealing the ambivalence of a toxic relation while the pictures that are integrated in the installation refer to a world of substance use and drug dealing. Nina Robert graduated in 2022 at the printmaking department at ENSAV La Cambre. Amongst her recent exhibitions in 2023: Chemin faisant, La Cambre, Bruxelles; END END AND, Artwell residency, Amsterdam and ArtAuCentre #11, Liège. She also participated at SALE, Tate Exchange, London (2020); NIGHTSHIFT in galerie Ravenstein (2019); and 20 ans de vertige, galerie Vertige, Bruxelles (2017).

Installation View

Gb Nina Robert Let Me Go 2023 Installation Coded Pharmacy Led Cross Metal Hooks And Chains Green Neons, Concrete Blocks Installation View March 2023 Brussels Photo Credit Nina Robert1
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