Helene Meyer Portrait
Hélène Meyer
Hélène Meyer (b. 1993, Belgium) lives and works in Belgium. Her practice as a painter is continuously informed by a fascination for spaces and their specific architectural qualities. This originated during a residency in Morocco, where Meyer was drawn to the symbols found in architecture, textile, ceramics and woodworking by the artisans of Taroudant. The nearly hypnotic interplay with harsh light and bright colours, allowed for these symbols to be abstracted and disconnected from their content, to become objectified. In Meyer’s paintings, they are appropriated as forms that appear architectural, while also organic, creating a new imagined environment in which they can coexist and shift appearance. These utopian, nearly psychedelic places, come into being through the animated gesture of painting and her persuasive colour palette. On show: Yellow Jungle similarly depicts a densely filled terrain, which could either be urban, subterranean or aquatic, inviting the viewer to set out and navigate, while simultaneously exploring one’s inner landscape.

Installation View

Helene Meyer
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