2 Portrait Chloé Arrouy
Chloé Arrouy
Chloé Arrouy (°1993, Paris) makes installations and sculptures that deal with the notion of transgression and sacrilege. Moving back and forth between beauty and pain, sensuality and austerity, the sacred and profane, she finds inspiration in pagan and witchcraft symbolism which she gives a contemporary twist. The pleasure and pain that are evoked in her sculptures refer to the world of BDSM, while hints to (dark) fairytales express a sense of threatened innocence and adolescence. All these sources of influence provide her with ways to evoke - sometimes with a satirical touch - her current attitude to life, sexuality, and feminism. Arrouy’s sculptures show a true sense of craftsmanship and skill while mimicking ornamented, rustic artefacts that she transforms for her own narrative. Chloé Arrouy graduated in 2021 at ERG, Master Art/ Outils Critiquel, Painting/ Sculpture/ Installation/ Performance. Amongst her recent solo exhibitions: Strawberries moon wild; when, in early summer, start to ripen at oleksandrssssssss, Brussels (2021) and The Naked Girl Walking Backwards Like Crayfish at NEVVEN ON SITE / NEVVEN Gallery (SD, Göteborg) (2020). She also participated at the following group exhibitions: Next Door (OFF COLLECTIBLE) at Espace Triphasé, Brussels (2023); It Doesn’t Matter Anyway, Jednavatri Gallery, Prague (2022); Lucky Charms, Ballroom Gallery, Brussels (2022); Fraeme Project - Voiture 14, La Friche la Belle de Mai, Marseilles (2022); The Speaking Chairs, Design Museum Gent (2022); In the Cold Breeze of a New Earth - Medusa, ClapTrap, Antwerp (2022); Tell me a Secret - Limbo Space collectif, Galerie Hit, Genève (2022); Notes from a Witness, The Land of the Confused, Komplot, Brussels (2021); Opening show, Pizza Gallery, Antwerp (2020); PERSEVERANCE EX1, Montoro12, Brussels (2020); Light Bearer 2020, Jakob Kroon Gallery, Worthing, UK (2019).

Installation View

Gb Chloé Arrouy Chloé Arrouy Bliss 2022. Wood Steel ©sammorjeau2
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