Bert Jacobs Portrait
Bert Jacobs
Bert Jacobs (b.1987, Turnhout, Belgium) lives and works in Brussels. He holds a Masters degree in Fine Art from Ghent’s School of Art. His practice comprises the fields of installation art, sculptures, drawings, prints, multiples and editions. While working across a variety of media, Bert Jacobs’ work touches on many relevant topics for today, such as the mechanisms of memory and intuition, imagination, collecting, scenography and drawing. Via different collaborations ranging from setting up group-exhibitions, happenings and collaborative projects, he merges visual art, music and performance in a persistent totality. On show: The camper is a reinvention of a mobile house, evoking the idea of safety and comfort while travelling. Bert destroyed the camper by cutting it into pieces, turning it into abstract ready-made sculptures. He then assigned a Federal Police Special Unit to shoot these targets, using semiautomatic Glock, 9mm in an orchestrated training session with 12 cops. Their psychological resistance to the imposed authority of the artist, or perhaps the lack of shooting skills, many bullets missed their target. A performance as a playground for destruction – Bert Jacobs.

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Bert Jacobs
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