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The Brussels Gallery Weekend celebrates the general reopening of Brussels contemporary art galleries and non profit spaces, gathering together great shows, all around the city.

Days Dates Hours Opening Event Description
Thursday 06 Sept 2018 5pm - 9pm Opening night
Friday 07 Sept 2018 11am - 7pm Public opening
Saturday 08 Sept 2018 11am - 7pm Public opening
Sunday 09 Sept 2018 11am - 7pm Public opening

Sponsor & Partners

Art Brussels
Visit Brussels Dupont Tyvek
Volvo ACB Belgium Service Voiturier
ArtSy Yee Advertising Nakami Communication Serenai
JAM Amigo Metropole
Made in Louise Standton Pillows
Yannick Prevoteau Vasco Gérard Bertrand Duvel
Chou de Bruxelles Nicolas Acou GSP2 Chocolat Guérin - Bouton
TL Mag Mu-inthecity RTVM Knaal Z
cocof Francophones de Bxl Museum Dhondt-Dhaenens Kuala Lumpur Gallery Weekend
arkadia arutlead MLeuven Jane's


Brussels is more and more recognized as an avant-garde platform for contemporary art in Europe. The Brussels Gallery Weekend is today a major event in the field of contemporary art in Belgium: a tour in more than 40 top contemporary art galleries of Brussels known for their relevance in their artists selection and a non profit circuit through major institutions and artists collectives.

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Xavier Hufkens


Valérie Bach

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Rodolphe Janssen

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Office Baroque

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Messen De Clercq

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Keitelman Gallery

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